My name is Scott Myers and I am a full stack engineer with 3+ years of full‑time software development experience. Currently, I work on a scrum team at Exiger where my teammates and I collaboratively build a financial compliance OMS platform using industry standard tools like Jenkins, Git, ASP.NET, and more. I’m most comfortable with C# but am also familiar with Javascript and Python. Previously, I built desktop applications used to automate testing and save engineers from doing tedious, repeated work. In doing so, I became passionate about writing code that makes other people’s lives easier.

Outside of coding, my interests lie in video games, cooking, and hanging out with my dog.

Want to talk? Feel free to reach out to me! I’m always interested in hearing new ideas, starting new collaborations, and getting feedback.

Check out my Github account at GitHub .

My programming experience overview can be seen below:

Programming Skills

C#: Backend, desktop applications, and more

  • Backend duties such as APIs, data processing, and more.
  • Desktop development. Typically helpful tools that automate tedious tasks or save time by aggregating commonly needed tools.
  • Writing tests and ensuring proper code coverage.
  • Writing tools to monitor system health

Javascript: Frontend work

  • Write code to fulfill scripting needs for frontend work.

CSHTML: Frontwork

  • Complement Javscript code with views using Razor

Python: Basic projects

Verilog: FPGAs - both simulations and on hardware

  • Interfacing between ethernet and dma protocols to manage data in a complex FPGA system.
  • Improve and optimize low-latency systems

LabVIEW: Many automation based projects

  • Complex automation program utilizing Digilent Waveforms SDK, SCPI commands, data processing, and file IO.
    • Purpose is to reduce labor hours spent on repetitive tasks. Runs test, processes data, and saves for later examination.
    • Cut down test time by over 400%. Still in regular use.
    • Entirely self-lead.

MATLAB/Octave : Data-processing algorithms

  • Find and isolate problematic patterns in a system. Take massive data sets and evaluate for abnormalities.
    • Successfully located issue and lead to the resolution of a critical and longstanding bug.
  • Complex algorithm solving

C++: Self-taught basics

  • Basic knowledge of syntax and fundamentals. Implemented several math algorithms.

BGScript: Blueooth

  • Establish psuedo-serial communication over Blueooth protocols between microcontroller and computer.
  • Basic knowledge of syntax and fundamentals. Primary applications have been microcontrollers.